MIC - Oxygen Concentrator - MLXTX-10

MIC, after recent entry into Medical Device manufacturing, started design, development, manufacture and supply of “Oxygen Concentrators”, initially with 10LPM model.

Oxygen is the life supporting component of air and has been an integral part of therapeutic process in the medical field for a long time. The havoc created by the deadly Corona virus all over the world has further highlighted the importance of Oxygen manifold and made the sources of Oxygen truly ‘Mission Critical’ equipment. Oxygen Cylinders, Oxygen Concentrator (OC)s, and piped Oxygen from Oxygen tanks are the three sources in wide use. Of the three, concentrators have certain definite advantages over the other two. The Concentrators supply inexhaustible medical grade Oxygen using electrical power, by continuous production from ambient air, without the need for purchase, storage and handling of Oxygen cylinders or tanks.

Even when we do come out of the present COVID Crisis, the applications of Oxygen In the medical field are going to be permanent in several situations like Neonates, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Emergency care, Surgery, Trauma, Hypoxemia and other survival services.

Hypoxemia, or low blood Oxygen saturation is common complication of a range of clinical conditions. Oxygen is essential for the treatment of Hypoxemia and should be given to the patient to improve and stabilize blood Oxygen saturation levels.

overnment of India have taken several measures to combat the horrid pandemic that has been sweeping the country. One of the initiatives is ‘PM Cares’ and as part of this initiative, Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) foundation, a central government organization, has been entrusted with the responsibility of spotting competent manufacturing agencies to deliver high performance Medical Oxygen Concentrator (OC)s to make the country self-sufficient in this field which can contribute significantly in reduction of mortality across all sections of society in the country.MIC Electronics Ltd is one of the selected organizations and the company offers its product MLTX-10. The present document outlines the Operational and usage aspects of the MLTX-10.

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Specifications of the Oxygen Concentrator (OC):

>> Oxygen concentration : 93± 3%

>> Flow : 1-10LPM (Litres Per Minute)

>> Output Pressure : 6-14 PSI

>> Average Power Consumption : 720W – 850W

>> Operating Temperature : 5°C - 40°C

>> Sound Level : <65db

>> Voltage : 220VAC @50Hz

>> Alarms : Low Oxygen / Very Low Oxygen/High / Low Voltage / Compressor Failure / Mother Board Failure

>> Usage : 24X 7, Can be used round the clock

>> Standard : EN 60601-1 or equivalent

>> Dimensions (DXWXH) : 420mm X 500mm X 655mm with wheels

>> Net Weight : 42.5 Kg Approx.

MIC Electronics Ltd Help Line for Oxygen Concentrators : 1800 425 7778

The detailed user operational manual.

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