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9mm Digital Poster



"Digital Posters" are also one kind of Indoor Displays, where the display screens are designed & produced for viewing them at an aspect ratio of 1.5 :1. For some of the indoor applications like displays at the air-ports, shopping malls, the requirement of displays will be at a different aspect ratio other than the standard sizes, for having the optimum utilization of the physical space. MIC products & variants of 'DigiPoster' are best fit for these kind of requirements.





  • Public Information Systems and advertisement displays at airports, railway stations & other transport hubs
  • Petrol Bunks
  • Shopping Malls & Business Centers



  • Inter-locking arrangement for quick & safe installations
  • State-of-the-art electronics for sharp & Highly Contra stable picture
  • Automatic Intensity Control (Time based or Photo sensor based) and provision for Manual Intensity control
  • Site-specific and Remote Scheduling of Display events
  • User configurable Display attributes and online display board diagnostics
  • Supports JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, FLC . etc still image formats
  • Supports some animation files in FLC and SWF formats
  • Centralized Content Scheduling of multiple Digital Posters located in one area

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