16mm Perimeter

16mm Perimeter Display


MIC's Perimeter Displays are designed mainly for easy-installation and stacking requirements for the customized lengths of Video Displays in sport-stadiums. The majority of the requirements of sports video displays fall into non-standard lengthy displays and the length also varies from stadium to stadium, depending the coverage required. They are specially designed in terms of

  • Viewing angle ( vertical & horizontal )
  • Shock-proof protective mechanics (for withstanding the impact from the speedy foot-ball / cricket ball ..etc)


  • Display hoardings at the boundaries of the GROUND in Sport stadiums
  • Boundary displays for small courts in large stadiums


  • Inter-locking arrangement for quick & safe installations
  • Automatic Intensity Control (Time based or Photo sensor based) and provision for Manual Intensity control considering the presence of Perimeter Displays to PLAYERs and viewers
  • Displays capable of showing pre-recorded video, graphics & text
  • Logical splitting of the total lengthy perimeter display into multiple SEGMENTS of user definable length
  • Logical grouping of the multiple segments into GROUPS
  • Capable of showing the images with different display & clear effects
  • User configurable Display attributes and online display board diagnostics
  • Supports JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, FLC . etc still image formats
  • Supports AVI, MPG, M2V, MPEG4, DAT, FLASH ...etc video formats.

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