LED Angel - 1 Watt



LED ANGEL now comes to you with the improved and world-class LED Driver technology of MIC with Nichia LED's. The product is a customized version suiting conditions. Offered as best quality premium range product.

The little beautiful ANGEL comes in many vibrant colors and elegant steel. There are many ways in which you can use LED ANGEL as a Task Light. Mood Light and Emergency light.

LED ANGEL could enhance the mood at the dinner table, or bedside table. She can be a decorative piece that'll shower elegance in your drawing room. LED ANGEL can also act as an emergency light, an irresistable companion during power failure. LED Angel is a Green product and comes with an optional Solar Panel for charging. It is environment friendly, Energy efficient, has a Long life (50,000hrs), Light in weight, Compact in size and low heat generating. LED Angel does not emit Ultravoilet or infrared radiation. No toxic Mercury. LED ANGEL could light up the most essential spaces that depend on scintillating and pleaant lighting in Restaurants, Hotel rooms, Event Halls, Hostels and Offices. Whether you switch it on or off, Angel is sure to steal your hearts!

Make LED ANGEL the choice of gift for all your friends, customers, boss, lover and anyone else...


  • Office
  • Domestic
  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • Mood Light (Hotels, Clubs)
  • Gifting Corporate/ Personal



  • Appealing Aesthetics
  • Long life
  • Light weight
  • High Efficacy
  • Ease of use
  • Rechargeable

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